My eyes sees a whole lot

My ears are quick to hear

My head is filled with thoughts

My mouth want to spill them all out

But I can’t speak

I am in chains

I am bonded

Everywhere seems blur

I scream!

but to my greatest Surprise, no one can hear me

The more I shout, the clearer the echoes becomes

Obviously it seems I am surrounded by walls

So I am the only one that can hear me..

Does it mean I am in some sort of prison?

and I have been here for quite some time..

Does it mean I am stuck here?

Does it mean there is no going out from here?

I hear voices

It’s getting clearer

It’s getting closer

I hear footsteps

They are approaching my direction

 Could it be that rescue has come?

but then, the voices are  scattered

Why are the footsteps not getting here but the sounds are getting louder..

Could it be the voice of other people in my state?

I can sense pains, anguish, torments…

I am not alone after all…

We are many in this state

We will sit here and wait for Freedom!

A word flash before my face

I think I have stumbled on it in the Scripture

Why sit here till we perish?

Why wait for Freedom?

When I can start the move of freedom…

My sights are getting clearer

I am slowly moving my hands and feet

I thought I was bounded!

My mind have been playing tricks on me

So Freedom starts from the mind after all…

If I am free in my mind I am free in my life

I was not in bondage all this while..

Freedom has come

And it has come to stay

I share this with the rest voices I hear…

Freedom is first upstairs before anywhere else

Now there is a new song on my lip

“I am not just free


I am free indeed”

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