How a Student Won a Scholarship Award Because She Was the Only One That Applied

I was reading some scholarship success stories recently (it’s
something I do quite often), and was shocked at the story of Erica M.
who won a Scholarship simple because she was the only student that
applied. Here is a recap of her story.

Scholarships Awarded:
Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship: $4,000
Earl Anthony Memorial Scholarship: $5,000
“…My parents were willing to pay for my college education, but they
told me that if I got college paid for, they would buy me a car
instead. I figured, they’ll be paying the same amount of money either
way, so why not get a car and a college education? At first it was
tedious, filling out all the applications, writing essays, and doing
whatever else each scholarship required, but when I got my first phone
call that I had won a scholarship, it made it all worth while. I mean,
winning $4,000 just for spending two hours writing an essay or letting
people know about all the achievements I had in high school was
definitely worth it… The biggest thing about students and
scholarships, is people are not willing to even apply. There was one
scholarship I won just because I was the only person to send in an
application! People think, oh, I’ll never win it, and don’t bother to
It does not take that much time, and even if you don’t win, the
experience is still worth it. I applied to many scholarships, two of
the ones I actually won were The Elks Most Valuable Student
Scholarship and The Earl Anthony Memorial Scholarship. Total, these
two provided me with $9,000 over my four years of college! I am still
actively trying to find scholarships I qualify for because spending a
few hours out of my day applying is worth the reward in the end.”
-Erica M.

What does This Mean To You?
While there may not be such repetition of one-man application, it is
quite notable that some scholarships are not as competitive as you
think they are. Even if there is a level of competition, you still
stand a great chance if you are eligible and plan you application
Here are some points to note:
There are more to winning scholarships than just applying without a plan.