Life and Death

What is life?

A question I keep asking myself

Why death?

 I keep wondering most times

Can’t we just live the life and not die?

Must it get to a point where life will be exhausted ?

Life is what we all want to hear…

Life is all we want to keep telling people about…

Why didn’t the Holy book say life is in the power of your tongue?

Why did it say “life and death”?

Food for my thought

I have come  to see that life and death are from the same source..

I have come to realize you cannot talk about life without talking about death

Ironically you live life to the fullness with death in view

Death is not what one should fear

Death should be a drive that will make you maximize life…

So finally I am getting to see the relationship between these two

They are like siblings…

So at the end of every life is death

The reason I will love my life is because death is irresistible!

The reason I will fulfil purpose is because no purpose in death..

The reason I will enjoy my life is because no enjoyment in death

The reason I will live my life to its fullness is because we cannot live in death

So you see,

these words were never created to be enemies..

They are inseparable

They are from God

And they are for all men

So I say this to myself each passing day that the awareness of death will bring the consciousness of life

Yes it does!

Just the way one cannot escape life,

So can one not escape death also

Life is as vital as death

And death is as vital as life…

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