I’m in serious pains right now,

Not because I am bodily inflicted…

But because I am mentally depleted

and it’s seriously hurting

I walk through the street each day and hear lamentations of the innocent been deprived of their right.

I see a lot of knowledgeable people but no opportunity to express their knowledge

I see a lot of smart people everywhere yet no connections to show how smart they are

So the high remains high

And the low remains low…

How sad…

I have seen the high keep extorting the low,

so power can never change hand

And that’s already like a norm..

But what breaks me the most..

What keeps constant tears in my eyes

Is that the low are now extorting the low

All in the name of survival

How can this narrative be changed

Innocent girls been raped by hood-lumps

Young boys been attacked and totally rubbed of what they have…

Houses are constantly invaded

The streets are not friendly anymore

It’s now survival of the fittest

Only the strong survives

How can this end?

Who will come to our rescue?

Fear has gripped us all

We can’t do things again because of the fear of another stronger

We need help

Someone please come to our aid

You know what I see everywhere?

Do you know what this is called?

I see Oppression

This is Called Oppression!

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