If I could tell what exactly makes me happy, I would write a book
Even writing a book would not even tell exactly what makes me happy, because if it could then I would have owned a bookshop by now
But then, even If I can’t say in words, I think I have seen happiness in a person With all the understanding and definitions I have and I have heard about happiness am still left in amazement of how seeing just one person could be the exact reflection and definition of what happiness really is…
But still, I can’t say in words, Cos how do I really explain, expatiate, elucidate, the fact a person makes me happy And how do I begin to format, unlearn and totally delete all other definitions I have
had about happiness when this one am experiencing now is totally opposite of what I
knew before…
So you see why I can’t write a book about Happiness, what makes me happy…I fear it’ll only confuse you. Even my oral expression of Happiness will put you in a deeper dimension of where you will be the definition of confusion because this one is better experienced than explained So tell me what happiness means to You.. Let’s see if I can relate.