The Law

Where there is no law there is there is no sin have been beyond every reasonable doubt a proven statement.

I grew up from a little corner that looks like a ghetto in on of the states..

Where everyone is a standard for themselves

Where everyone indulges in what seems right to them

Where everyone is a guide for themselves

Where there are no “do’s and don’ts”

The only reason you know something was wrong is when you are tired of doing it over and over again

Nobody corrects anybody

Even if people wanted to correct anyone there’s nothing that could stand as the corrections

So life there was in total shambles…

Death seems normal

Illiteracy looks balanced

Illegal act were okay after all..

Trying to be different  looked so abnormal

So like the popular saying “if you can’t beat them you join them”

So we  lived the same kind of life to us nothing was wrong…

 remember where there is no law there is no sin..

The Law was kept away from Us

So there was nothing to respect

Inequality was the order of the day

Gender abuses led many to depression and so other many negative experiences..

This could not be all there is to humanity

There should be a guide

There should be rules

There should be principles

Citizens should know the do’s and don’ts

And penalty should be given to defaulters..

I kept on believing

I kept on pressing for knowledge

I kept on keeping on until one faithful day I came in contact with series of knowledge on “The Law”




This is what we have lacked all these years

“The Law” the beginning of reformation and revolution

“The Law” the beginning of change

“The Law” the systems of rule which a particular community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and which it may enforce by imposition of penalties…

“The Law” that births Equality, Accountability, Fairness and Separation of powers..

“The Law” that will birth commitment and respect for a place..

“The Law” that will give my community Customs, Practices and rules of conduct..

“The Law” is what we have been missing..

Though have not taken this knowledge to my community yet but I can picture the outcome already..

Now I know sin will reduce now because law have come..

I smell normality in my community now

The Law is the change

The Law is the guide

The Law is the direction

I really wish for this knowledge to spread across all communities because it will cause a nation change

Where is there is no Law there is no sin will fade away soon

Because I have found the remedy


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