The power of the weak



Talking to myself

Walked up to a stranger and in curiosity asked with a loud voice

“Does the weak have power?”

Still thinking..

I have seen the strong ascended with power

I have seen the rich rule with power

I have seen the high and mighty abuse power

I have seen power in circulation

But what I don’t know is

Does the weak have power?

I think the power of the weak can be the weakness of the strong..

I think the power of the weak must not necessarily be about strength but






Give a man power he will get to the top

But without character he will not remain at the top

While the rich pursue more riches

While the strong pursue more power

While the high and mighty seeks for what keeps them high and make them mighty

The weak as they are called build something more

Something that don’t easily speak but when it speaks it speaks louder

Something that does not easily rise but when it rises it rises higher and stays there

Something that is uncommon

Something that is rare

Something that is ignored by many is what is been built by the so called “weak”

So again I can say the power of the weak is the weakness of the strong

Every weakness contains within itself a strength…

Even the Holy books says “He increases power to the weak” Isaiah 40:29

It did not say “He gives power to the weak”

it says “He increases…”

 meaning the weak has power already all God does is to increase it..

I need no further clarification for I am satisfied


The weak has power

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