The strength of the majority

I grew up being the most brilliant boy in my family

The brilliant streak followed me to school…

Any subject/course that I was not the best at, the lecture would be summoned to panel to face query

That’s because my intelligence made all the teachers had a soft spot for me

Most at times teachers/lectures consult me before theories teaching time to have one mind with me before they start teaching

Probably because I have embarrassed many by publicly correcting them in class..

I was well respected in school

I was one of the most talked about student in school

And you know been brilliant made me had access to positions early enough

I think that was a plus for having brains..

Well, I can say I was a little bit pompous

I had no friends, basically I literally thought none of them were to my level..

Many approached yet I turned all down little did I know that I had entered the black list of many just by my pompous activities…

One faithful day an external Lecturer sent from the government entered our class and gave us an assignment

With my expertise in academics and with my well known and approved brilliant nature I came up with a very powerful and intriguing idea..

The next day we were all sitting with excitement awaiting him to come, so we could deliver the answers and definitely I was the most executed one…

Talk of the devil we whispered because he walked in and said who has his answer without hesitation I lifted up my hand and spoke…

He applauded me loudly and I thought I had nailed it and that’s was all..

Then I saw Kelvin standing.,

I said to myself Kelvin have never spoken in class and by the way he is one of the dullest person in the class

so I don’t care..

And he spoke as expected but to my greatest Surprise he had a louder applause from our fellow students

Still lost in thought about the applause he got then the lecturer asked the rest students which one of the two answers should we take before I knew it the class standing and shouting “Kelvin”!

but the lecturer reminded them that mine was more intelligent and interesting..

 Although they kept on shouting Kelvin and the lecturer had no choice than to go with them and he made a statement that changed my life since then..

He said “I know you are brilliant,

Your idea was superb,

And I am so sure the nation will be waiting for idea like yours to be better…


The teacher also said

“it is dangerous to stand alone no matter what you know Go for Majority for there is STRENGTH IN MAJORITY”.

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