I have seen how far strength have taken a man to

I have seen how far pursuit have taken a man to

I have seen how far drive have taken a man to

I have seen how much energy a man have put into his daily effort to make him better

I have also seen all that a man does to conquer all aspects of his life

Yes I have seen all that can come from a Man

So by all this a man can make boast in himself

His achievements and realities are prove that the boast are real anyway

But if he only he knew that all his achievements are half of what would have been the initial achievements if he was not doing them alone

There is strength in been alone

But there is greater Strength in been together

There is a lot you can achieve alone no doubt

But imagine the energy is doubled,

Think of the achievements that will emerge…

You can downplay alot of stuffs in life

But you can never downplay that place of *UNITY*

Unity is the force that bonds and bonds different people together..

Unity is the drive that brings about unimaginable success and achievements..

Unity is the foundation of which any successful family, empire and anything that requires building is built upon..

Unity is what brings a common Goal among uncommon persons..

Unity is the defense a house have against any obstacles…

Unity is the true definition of Man

Unity is not just a word

Unity is a force

Unity is fierce

Unity is strength

Unity is a defense

Unity is a foundation

Unity is an edge

Unity is a tool

Unity is the goal

Unity is of God

Unity is from God

Unity is God

Unity is God

Good needed it

Man needs it

United we stand

Divided we fall

Unity is Life

Every now and then,

All my body springs alive,

Deep thoughts quivers between my eyes and mouth,

speeches too deep to uttered

Flies like a wild thing across my body,

Leaving my eyes half-empty, and clamorous …

But what can these help?

They say we are the leaders of tommorrow but they break our marrows with insecurity, bad governance amongst others..

And I wonder.. 

If we will end of being the leaders of this tommorrow or just “readers” of it.

So I arise!

You arise!

Youths arise!

In an economy of hardship, everything suffers

Good people turn thieves, sluts and scammers

Comeout enmass and rebuild tonnes of fortunes.

Leaders of credibilities let’s fight bad governance

Step out of your shells, enough of the oldies

The horses of unity are wallowing into the forest

The youths are the strength of the political mouths

Enough of the red bloods spilling dirty soils…

All the fear that makes shiver runs through my spine seems to have disappeared…

Cos I see Youths arising!






In the rage to make a better Nigeria

I see Youths Arising!

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