The power of the weak



Talking to myself

Walked up to a stranger and in curiosity asked with a loud voice

“Does the weak have power?”

Still thinking..

I have seen the strong ascended with power

I have seen the rich rule with power

I have seen the high and mighty abuse power

I have seen power in circulation

But what I don’t know is

Does the weak have power?

I think the power of the weak can be the weakness of the strong..

I think the power of the weak must not necessarily be about strength but






Give a man power he will get to the top

But without character he will not remain at the top

While the rich pursue more riches

While the strong pursue more power

While the high and mighty seeks for what keeps them high and make them mighty

The weak as they are called build something more

Something that don’t easily speak but when it speaks it speaks louder

Something that does not easily rise but when it rises it rises higher and stays there

Something that is uncommon

Something that is rare

Something that is ignored by many is what is been built by the so called “weak”

So again I can say the power of the weak is the weakness of the strong

Every weakness contains within itself a strength…

Even the Holy books says “He increases power to the weak” Isaiah 40:29

It did not say “He gives power to the weak”

it says “He increases…”

 meaning the weak has power already all God does is to increase it..

I need no further clarification for I am satisfied


The weak has power

The Law

Where there is no law there is there is no sin have been beyond every reasonable doubt a proven statement.

I grew up from a little corner that looks like a ghetto in on of the states..

Where everyone is a standard for themselves

Where everyone indulges in what seems right to them

Where everyone is a guide for themselves

Where there are no “do’s and don’ts”

The only reason you know something was wrong is when you are tired of doing it over and over again

Nobody corrects anybody

Even if people wanted to correct anyone there’s nothing that could stand as the corrections

So life there was in total shambles…

Death seems normal

Illiteracy looks balanced

Illegal act were okay after all..

Trying to be different  looked so abnormal

So like the popular saying “if you can’t beat them you join them”

So we  lived the same kind of life to us nothing was wrong…

 remember where there is no law there is no sin..

The Law was kept away from Us

So there was nothing to respect

Inequality was the order of the day

Gender abuses led many to depression and so other many negative experiences..

This could not be all there is to humanity

There should be a guide

There should be rules

There should be principles

Citizens should know the do’s and don’ts

And penalty should be given to defaulters..

I kept on believing

I kept on pressing for knowledge

I kept on keeping on until one faithful day I came in contact with series of knowledge on “The Law”




This is what we have lacked all these years

“The Law” the beginning of reformation and revolution

“The Law” the beginning of change

“The Law” the systems of rule which a particular community recognizes as regulating the actions of its members and which it may enforce by imposition of penalties…

“The Law” that births Equality, Accountability, Fairness and Separation of powers..

“The Law” that will birth commitment and respect for a place..

“The Law” that will give my community Customs, Practices and rules of conduct..

“The Law” is what we have been missing..

Though have not taken this knowledge to my community yet but I can picture the outcome already..

Now I know sin will reduce now because law have come..

I smell normality in my community now

The Law is the change

The Law is the guide

The Law is the direction

I really wish for this knowledge to spread across all communities because it will cause a nation change

Where is there is no Law there is no sin will fade away soon

Because I have found the remedy



I’m in serious pains right now,

Not because I am bodily inflicted…

But because I am mentally depleted

and it’s seriously hurting

I walk through the street each day and hear lamentations of the innocent been deprived of their right.

I see a lot of knowledgeable people but no opportunity to express their knowledge

I see a lot of smart people everywhere yet no connections to show how smart they are

So the high remains high

And the low remains low…

How sad…

I have seen the high keep extorting the low,

so power can never change hand

And that’s already like a norm..

But what breaks me the most..

What keeps constant tears in my eyes

Is that the low are now extorting the low

All in the name of survival

How can this narrative be changed

Innocent girls been raped by hood-lumps

Young boys been attacked and totally rubbed of what they have…

Houses are constantly invaded

The streets are not friendly anymore

It’s now survival of the fittest

Only the strong survives

How can this end?

Who will come to our rescue?

Fear has gripped us all

We can’t do things again because of the fear of another stronger

We need help

Someone please come to our aid

You know what I see everywhere?

Do you know what this is called?

I see Oppression

This is Called Oppression!

Life and Death

What is life?

A question I keep asking myself

Why death?

 I keep wondering most times

Can’t we just live the life and not die?

Must it get to a point where life will be exhausted ?

Life is what we all want to hear…

Life is all we want to keep telling people about…

Why didn’t the Holy book say life is in the power of your tongue?

Why did it say “life and death”?

Food for my thought

I have come  to see that life and death are from the same source..

I have come to realize you cannot talk about life without talking about death

Ironically you live life to the fullness with death in view

Death is not what one should fear

Death should be a drive that will make you maximize life…

So finally I am getting to see the relationship between these two

They are like siblings…

So at the end of every life is death

The reason I will love my life is because death is irresistible!

The reason I will fulfil purpose is because no purpose in death..

The reason I will enjoy my life is because no enjoyment in death

The reason I will live my life to its fullness is because we cannot live in death

So you see,

these words were never created to be enemies..

They are inseparable

They are from God

And they are for all men

So I say this to myself each passing day that the awareness of death will bring the consciousness of life

Yes it does!

Just the way one cannot escape life,

So can one not escape death also

Life is as vital as death

And death is as vital as life…


My eyes sees a whole lot

My ears are quick to hear

My head is filled with thoughts

My mouth want to spill them all out

But I can’t speak

I am in chains

I am bonded

Everywhere seems blur

I scream!

but to my greatest Surprise, no one can hear me

The more I shout, the clearer the echoes becomes

Obviously it seems I am surrounded by walls

So I am the only one that can hear me..

Does it mean I am in some sort of prison?

and I have been here for quite some time..

Does it mean I am stuck here?

Does it mean there is no going out from here?

I hear voices

It’s getting clearer

It’s getting closer

I hear footsteps

They are approaching my direction

 Could it be that rescue has come?

but then, the voices are  scattered

Why are the footsteps not getting here but the sounds are getting louder..

Could it be the voice of other people in my state?

I can sense pains, anguish, torments…

I am not alone after all…

We are many in this state

We will sit here and wait for Freedom!

A word flash before my face

I think I have stumbled on it in the Scripture

Why sit here till we perish?

Why wait for Freedom?

When I can start the move of freedom…

My sights are getting clearer

I am slowly moving my hands and feet

I thought I was bounded!

My mind have been playing tricks on me

So Freedom starts from the mind after all…

If I am free in my mind I am free in my life

I was not in bondage all this while..

Freedom has come

And it has come to stay

I share this with the rest voices I hear…

Freedom is first upstairs before anywhere else

Now there is a new song on my lip

“I am not just free


I am free indeed”